May 31, 2011 (General)


General Meeting

May 31, 2011 at the Village Hall

20 present:

Clifton Abrahamson, Peter & Sylvia Negraeff, Ruth Lister, Stan Mazuren, Lewis & Vivian Anfinson, John Lange, John Debolt, Donna Abrahamson, Jack Henderson, Rick Kurtz, Adrian Makohoniuk, Sylvia Hornibrook, Mary Jean Vogel, Eugene Andrusiak, Conrad Vogel, Sharon & Darrell Nelson and Sandra Andrusiak.

Sharon Nelson welcomed everyone to the meeting and called it to order.

Sandra Andrusiak recorded the minutes of the meeting.

Sharon Nelson - expressed concern about the guild.

- stated the need for 5 Directors to form a Board.

- Reported it was formed in 2002.

- Read the annual meeting minutes of 2011 and the letter Don Budz wrote to Village Council

- Reported $3,737.85 in the bank account.

- Stated the remarks by Parks Canada at other meetings that we cannot do as we like at the sites.

    • Read from the Constitution that is the Guild fails to exist the $ is to be split 50/50 with the Town of Kamsack. Sandra Andrusiak stated when the Guild was formed in 2002; Pamela Nykolaishen was the Mayor of Kamsack and Chairperson of the Guild. She had plans for Kamsack’s promotion of the Fort sites. Her term as Mayor was short lived.
    • - Asked about placing the Welcome to Pelly banner on the backside of the Facade signs facing the highway.

- Spoke with Sask. Agriculture and anyone with a Pesticide and Vegetation License is allowed to spray for weeds throughout the community. She noted that Robert Dercach has this qualification.

Sylvia Hornibrook - stated that Parks Canada has done some work on the sites.

    • Joanne Bandura is bringing in bedding plants for the Facade site.
    • Vandalism at the site was discussed, apple tree destroyed, stones thrown onto lawn, signs ignored, etc.

Ruth Lister 

-stated that putting together an executive just for Centennial

Improvements was not the answer, we need something that is on Going.

- stated Sylvia Hornibrook needs a round of applause for the
work she does at the Facade site.

Donna Abrahamson -stated her husband was on the Internet and noted that the

Government was increasing their funding for Heritage Projects.

- asked who owns the road to Fort Livingstone. Sandra Andrusiak stated she thought there were 3 parties involved with it. Sandra Andrusiak noted that she spoke with Yvonne Bilsky a couple of weeks ago about this and Yvonne

Was to check with land titles. Clifton Abrahamson stated Before the Museum opening he asked for the road to b Repaired and 3 of the RM of Livingstone Councilors told him the road did not belong to the RM. Someone commented that it belongs to the Department of Highways. Conrad Vogel suggested a Guild delegation attend an RM meeting to discuss the matter. He also noted “The Daughter's of The Empire” has something to do with this land. He noted that the land north of the road belongs to The Crown and south of the road is in a Remezoff Estate. He will look into the cost of gravel for the road. He estimates it at $600.00 if done when graveling in his Division.

Darrel Nelson asked where the funds came from that the guild has, was it from grants. It was noted that there was fundraising done with the Sweetheart Dance one year, the sale of coins and memberships.

Rick Kurtz asked if the Guild had a mandate. Sharon Nelson read the Mission statement.

Clifton Abrahamson stated the money raised needs to be spent for the purpose of the Guild.

Mary Jean Vogel - noted that she was recently at a meeting where Parks Canada was present and they stated they only have a few teams that need to get the work done for their various projects.

    • asked about the 2 sunshades the Guild had purchased a few years ago as to
    • them being used during the Centennial. It was noted that there was l at the Museum but that Don Budz had borrowed 1 last year after the July 1 Pelly Celebration. Sandra Andrusiak is to talk to Don.

Lewis and Vivian Anfinson stated there were a large number of people at Fort Livingstone a week ago when they were out there. 

Darrell Nelson asked if there was a way we could put a small building up there with a guest book to show us the actual number that go out there. It has been one of the requests the Guild has discussed with Parks Canada.

Executive: John Debolt nominated Rick Kurtz as Chairperson, Vivian Anfinson seconded, carried. Adrian Makohoniuk moved nomination ceased. Rick accepted the position.

Sylvia Hornibrook nominated Adrian Makahoniuk as Vice- Chairperson, John Debolt seconded; carried. John Debolt moved nomination ceased. Adrian accepted the position.

Sandra Andrusiak volunteered to remain as Secretary/Treasurer. 

Conrad Vogel made a motion that signers for the bank account should be Chairperson, Vice-chairperson or Secretary/treasurer, 2 of the 3 positions;

Jack Henderson seconded; carried.

Directors: Sylvia Hornibrook, Mary Jean Vogel, Jack Henderson, Lewis Anfinson, Sharon Nelson (who stated that) Lyla Vanin asked her to Let her name stand as a director, Rick Kurtz, Adrian Makohoniuk and Sandra Andrusiak volunteered.

Work to be done on Facade prior to Centennial Celebration:

    1. to stain or not to stain that is the question. This is being looked into as to putting a clear preservative on it.
    2. John Debolt and John Lange volunteered to make repairs needed, getting flags and looking after getting rocks removed.
    3. Jack Henderson made a motion that the Village be reimbursed for the cost of advertising notices for tonight’s meeting, Lewis Anfinson seconded; carried.

Sandra Andrusiak made a motion that Mary Jean Vogel order a Centennial Flag to be used at the Façade site, Sylvia Hornibrook seconded; carried.

John Debolt adjourned the meeting.

© Rick Kurtz 2011