May 17, 2012 (Board)

Fort Livingston-Pelly Heritage Guild Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting 

May 17, 2012

7:30 p.m. Pelly Lions Den 

Present: Rick Kurtz, Lewis Anfinson, Jack Henderson, Peter Negraeff, Sylvia Hornibrook, Sharon Nelson, Lyla Vanin and Sandra Andrusiak 

  1. Rick Kurtz welcomed everyone.

  1. Minutes from the April 19, 2012 meeting were circulated. Sandra Andrusiak moved the report be accepted as presented, Jack Henderson seconded; carried.
    1. Business from the minutes 
      1. Grass cutting contract-With Motherwell Homestead being cut back as a result of the Federal Budget, it seems unlikely there will be any contract. Sylvia Hornibrook made a motion Rick Kurtz contact Parks Canada to advise them we are willing to volunteer to cut the grass at the Fort Pelly site, Peter Negraeff seconded; carried.
      2. Road repairs and signs-Lloyd Smith and Ken Frampton have done some volunteer work on the road. Enclosed information from Carol Sleeva, Constituency Assistant to Honourable Ken Krawetz Deputy Premier Minister of Finance MLA for Canora-Pelly states that the Municipality has the direction and control of all streets and road allowances within its boundaries.
      3. Red River Cart will be delivered June 28"‘.
      4. Flags have been received and installed. Don Budz has found 2 Canadian and 2 Saskatchewan flags that he had previously for the Guild.
      5. Golf shirts. Lacey Petryshyn is unable to use our logo for her setup and suggested we contact a graphics artist. Rick Kurtz has contacted Parkland Embroidery in Swan River MB

  1. Correspondence:
    1. Information Services has sent back the corrections needed on information provided to them.
    2. Going Places Magazine 
    3. Lewis Anfinson stated they had received a letter from Lucy Hubbard asking if there were any more Guild memberships available as she wished to purchase more for family members. Lewis is to let her know she would be able to purchase more.

  1. Treasurer`s report 1. Sandra Andrusiak reported a bank balance of $5,191.27 as of April 30, 2012 and moved her report is accepted as presented, Sharon Nelson seconded; carried.

  1. Old Business 
    1. Snake & information signs-Lyla Vanin won`t be able to work on any signs for the next couple of weeks but she reported the Norquay Co-Op had poster board which was %" thick, 4`x8` for $65.00 a sheet Sylvia Hornibrook mad a motion Lyla Vanin purchase the supplies required to complete the signs, paint & posts, Jack Henderson seconded; carried.

  1. Red River Cart 1.
    1. Donations are coming in.
    2. Sharon Nelson made a motion the unveiling be at the Sports Grounds on July 1, Sylvia Hornibrook seconded; carried.

    1. Lewis Anfinson made a motion the Red River Cart be placed in Sylvia Hornibrook's garage, Jack Henderson seconded; carried.
    2. Sandra Andrusiak is to contact Garry Moroz if able to supply a trailer for transportation this summer 

  1. Parades: Sylvia Hornibrook made a motion we attend the Preeceville parade July 7, the Norquay parade on July 28 at 10 a.m.and Steenan parade on August 4, Peter Negraeff seconded; carried. Rick Kurtz stated Lloyd Smith would be willing to provide the horses to pull it. Rick Kurtz stated he would notify him of the dates. Lyla Vanin stated she would get Chloroplast signs made to put on the cart stating who we are representing.

  1. New Business
    1. Lewis Anfinson made a motion that a Founding membership be given to anyone who donates $100.00 or more to the Guild, Sylvia Hornibrook seconded; carried.
    2. Sandra Andrusiak stated she would look into whether or not the cart could be insured.
    3. Eugene Andrusiak is to put the Facade he made for the parade last year into Sylvia Hornibrook's garage and get Darrell Nelsons trailer back to him.
    4. Sandra Andrusiak reported she has made 2 grant applications,  1 to the Pelly Recreation Board and the other to the Affinity Credit Union.
    5. Rick Kurtz is to supply Sandra Andrusiak with a copy of the new Constitution to send into the Government.

  1. Jack Henderson adjourned the meeting.

Next meeting is June 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lions Den

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