June 21, 2012 (Board)

Fort Livingston-Pelly Heritage Guild lnc.

Board of Directors Meeting 

Thursday, June 21, 2012 

7:30 p.m. Pelly Lions Den 

  1. Welcome & opening remarks.
    1. Directors present: Rick Kurtz, Jack Henderson, Sylvia Hornibrook, Peter Negraeff, Lewis Anfinson, Adrian & Victoria Makohoniuk, Sharon Nelson and Sandra Andrusiak.
    2. Absent: Lyla Vanin and Mary Jean Vogel.
  2. Minutes of the May 17, 2012 meeting were circulated. Sandra Andrusiak moved the minutes be accepted with 7. Including Preeceville Centennial being added to the parade list, Sylvia Hornibrook seconded; carried.
  3. Correspondence:
  4. Email from Ken Krawetz was circulated. Victoria Makohoniuk is to take a copy of the Department of Highways map with her to the RM of Livingston meeting.
    1. Letter from the RM of Livingston regarding the request for Fort Livingstone Road signs to be placed on RM road. Sylvia Hornibrook made a motion that Sandra Andrusiak contact the RM of Livingston stating that they are to order the signs and identify the specifications for placement of signs on the RM road, Victoria Makohoniuk seconded; carried.
    2. Museum Magazine 

  1. Sandra Andrusiak gave treasurer`s report of $6,966.70 and moved it be accepted as presented, Adrian Makohoniuk seconded; carried. She noted a donation from Kyle Korneychuk of $1,800.00  

  1. Old Business:
    1. Fort Livingstone sign
      1. Snake sign has not been taken down yet due to the weather.
      2. Information sign - supplies have not been purchased yet.
    2. Fort Pelly road sign will have to be paid for by us.
    3. Sign for Red River cart will be looked at when the cart arrives as is needed for the parades.
    4. Fort Pelly Grass cutting contract 
      1. Email from Flo Miller dated June 15 was circulated.
    5. Fort Livingstone Road maintenance 
      1. No word from Krawetz yet, Victoria Makohoniuk will be attending the next meeting.
    6. Red River Cart 
      1. Arriving June 28, Adrian Makohoniuk and Rick Kurtz will be around.
      2. Adrian Makohoniuk will see that it gets over to the Sports Grounds for July 1.
      3. Adrian Makohoniuk will talk to Garry Moroz for trailer for Parade dates. Sharon Nelson made a motion we pay .40 cents a kilometer to whoever is towing the cart to the various communities, Adrian Makohoniuk will deliver to Preeceville, Jack Henderson seconded, carried. 
      4. Rick Kurtz will check with Lloyd Smith as to cost of pulling the cart at the various parades.
      5. It is to be housed in Sylvia Homibrooks’ garage until July 1. Victoria Makohoniuk made a motion it be displayed on the Museum Grounds (will need to be chained to something), Sylvia Hornibrook seconded; carried.
      6. Insurance Sharon Nelson made a motion that Sandra Andrusiak contact Miller Agencies for a replacement cost coverage effective June 28, 2012, Peter Negraeff seconded; carried 
    7. Parades:
      1. Rick Kurtz stated Lloyd Smith has agreed to pull it at the 3 parades (Preeceville on July 7, Norquay on July 28 and Stenen on August 4.
      2. Who can oversee getting it to the parade locations?
  2. T-shirts - no word back from Swan River - Rick Kurtz will do a follow up.

  1. New Business:
    1. Membership certificates were signed for Pioneer Hi-Bred, Affinity Credit Union, Garry Moroz and Troy Moroz.

  1. Next meeting will be on July 19, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. in the Lions Den.
  2. Adrian Makohoniuk adjourned the meeting.
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