Aug 24, 2011 (Board)


Directors Meeting

August 24, 2011 at the Lions Den

Directors: Sylvia Hornibrook, Mary Jean Vogel, Jack Henderson, Lewis Anfinson, Sharon Nelson, Lyla Vanin, Adrian Makohoniuk, Sandra Andrusiak, Rick Kurtz & representing the Village of Pelly, Councillor Heath Morin

Chairperson Rick Kurtz welcomed everyone to the meeting and called it to order at 7:30 PM

Minutes of previous meeting were not available,

Treasurers report:

Moved Jack Henderson/Seconded Lewis Anfinson that the financial report be accepted as circulated.


Old Business:

  1. The grass has been cut and trimming done at Fort Pelly,
  2. The Centennial sale of coins was successful.
  3. No progress yet on ownership of the Fort Livingstone access road and no maintenance has been done to the road.

New Business:

  1. Contract with Parks Canada
    1. Moved by Jack Henderson/ seconded by Sylvia Hornibrook that we enter into an agreement with Parks Canada for 4 months at $200 per month,


  • Sylvia Hornibrook will attend to Fort Livingstone immediately.

Meeting dates: In future, we will meet regularly on the 3rd Thursday of each month unless notified by the chair. The next meeting will be September 15, 2011 at 7 PM in the Lions Den.

Lewis Anfinson adjourned the meeting.

© Rick Kurtz 2011