Membership Affiliations

The Fort Livingstone-Pelly Heritage Guild holds active memberships in the following organizations:

Heritage Canada Foundation


The Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) is a national membership-based non-profit organization and registered charity established in 1973 as the National Trust for Canada.

Canada’s historic places tell the stories of who we are and where we come from. The conservation and rehabilitation of heritage buildings and districts creates economic, environmental, and cultural benefits, and enhances our sense of identity and community. 

Yet each year, thousands of heritage buildings become landfill as a result of development pressure, neglect, and lack of funding. The Heritage Canada Foundation believes that sending landmarks to landfill is a crime against our environment and an unacceptable waste of our cultural heritage.  We know that historic buildings and districts are essential to a sustainable future and a vibrant economy.

HCF is the only national organization working to protect Canada’s historic places for future generations.  We are at the centre of Canada's heritage movement, engaging and inspiring the general public, sharing tools and resources, building coalitions and partnerships, influencing policies and laws, and helping Canadians protect the places that matter to them.

At the National Heritage Summit held in Ottawa October 2012, titled 

"National Heritage Summit 2012: Seeking A New Vision for the

Heritage Movement"

a discussion paper (Towards a new future) was distributed in advance to the delegates. To view this document (in PDF format) please click here.


Heritage Saskatchewan

Vision Statement

Heritage is a valued and dynamic legacy that contributes to our sense of identity, creates an understanding of our past, is used to build communities in the present, and informs our choices for the future.

Mission Statement

Heritage Saskatchewan is the collective voice of all those who value heritage in Saskatchewan.

Heritage Defined

Heritage is what we have received from the past. It shapes our present identity and provides insight for our future.

Heritage includes a range of activities in the areas of stewardship, preservation, research, education and engagement. Within this context these activities must exhibit sensitivity to: 

  • the indigenous natural environment;
  • the impact of the interaction between human activity and natural environments; and
  • differing perspectives regarding objects, ideas, places and traditions.

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