To resurrect and restore for all Canadians, the history, the splendor of Old Fort Pelly, the Hudson's Bay Company headquarters along with Old Fort Livingstone, the first North West Mounted Police Headquarters west of the Red River and the first seat of Government for the North West Territories, Canada.

    • The name Fort Livingstone was given to the site in honour of explorer David Livingstone.
    • An act of Parliament of Canada, passed at the session of 1875, designated Fort Livingstone as the First Seat of Government for the entire territories.
    • The location of the first barracks was northwest of present-day Pelly, Saskatchewan. The barracks was officially identified as the “Swan River Barracks”.
    • By Act of Parliament under the leadership of Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, this force , modeled after the Royal Irish Constabulary, was sent west.
    • The need for law and order in the region prompted the Canadian Government in Ottawa to create a para-military force named the North West Mounted Police.
    • Fort Pelly was established in 1821 by the Hudson’s Bay Company. It was the main trading post for the massive area.
    • With the mighty Hudson’s Bay Company’s arrival came the establishment of hundreds of trading posts scattered along the banks of the Swan and Assiniboine rivers.
    • With the arrival of the fur trade accompanied by an exchange of goods and services, also came a new way of doing everything.
    • The first explorers arrived in the late 1600's, discovering a mixed race of aboriginals.
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