Fort Pelly #2


Fort Pelly was moved to 51°46′35″N 101°59′51″W, approximately one quarter mile southeast, in 1856 due to problems with occasional flooding at the old location, although the old fort was still in some capacity used until at least 1859. On July 15, 1870, the Hudson's Bay Company surrendered its lands to Canada, while retaining its posts and some land immediately surrounding them. The fort was now located on block 17 of the Fort Pelly Reserve. Around 1871 Fort Ellice succeeded Fort Pelly as district headquarters. In 1909 the Canadian Northern Railway was built 6 miles north of Fort Pelly, and trade at the fort all but ceased, and it was abandoned in June, 1912.

During the summers of 1971 and 1972, the former fort sites were excavated by the Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History, at which time all known buildings were located, and 7,000 objects were recovered. The first Fort Pelly site was designated a Historic Site by the Province of Saskatchewan in 1986 and is operated by the Saskatchewan Parks Service, while the site of the second fort was purchased by the Fort Pelly Historical Society and transferred to the Crown as a national historic site.

fort pelly apr 2012

Fort Pelly Historical Site, April 2012

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