The northern route of the trail, between Fort Pelly and Carlton House, experienced a brief resurgence about 1874-77. This was occasioned by the projected location of the transcontinental railroad and the telegraph line [27] passing through Fort Livingstone situated on the Swan River about 10 miles north of Fort Pelly. The proposed railway route followed fairly closely the old trail north of Quill Lakes to Fort Carlton. In 1872 Fort Pelly was discontinued as headquarters for the Swan River district, and in 1874 Fort Livingstone became the headquarters of the North West Mounted Police and the site of the temporary government of the North West Territories in 1876. In 1874-75 the first royal mail from Fort Garry to Edmonton passed through Fort Livingstone. The projected route of the railway was changed to farther south and the government and police headquarters were moved to the new site at Battleford in 1877 and thus any hope of reviving the old trail was doomed. (http://www.mhs.mb.ca/docs/transactions/3/redrivercart.shtml)

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