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Welcome to the website dedicated to the two National Historic sites close to the Village of Pelly, Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Fort Livingstone - First seat of the Government for the North West Territories.
  • Fort Pelly - A major Hudson's Bay Company Fort located at the elbow of the Assiniboine River.

The Fort Livingstone-Pelly Heritage Guild was formed in 2003 under the leadership of Mayor Robert Hornibrook (deceased). The mission of the Guild was:

  • To resurrect and restore for all Canadians, the history, the splendor of Old Fort Pelly, the Hudson's Bay Company headquarters along with Old Fort Livingstone, the first North West Mounted Police Headquarters west of the Red River and the first seat of Government for the North West Territories, Canada.
  • To raise funds necessary for the resurrection and restoration of the Forts.
  • To plan, develop and implement an educational program that will foster an interest is the history of the Assiniboine and Swan River Valleys.

The Village of Pelly and district is surrounded with history, much of it playing a significant role in the development of the west.


Heritage is what we have received from the past. It shapes our present identity and provides insight for our future.

Google maps gives location of Fort Pelly.

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